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Combo, Black & Red Caviar! In stock$110.00
Black Caviar "Amur's Sturgeon"In stock$100.00
Black Caviar "Russian Sturgeon"In stock$125.00
Black Caviar "Russian Sturgeon" In stock$65.00
Black Caviar "Yellow Sturgeon"In stock$90.00
"Pink" Caviar #1 Out of stock$9.00
King/Spring Salmon Caviar #1In stock$105.00
King/Spring Salmon Caviar #1 500g In stock$55.00
Atlantic Caviar "Salmo Salar" #1Out of stock$35.00
Pike Caviar 1kg.In stock$79.00
Sockeye Caviar #2 In stock$50.00
Sockeye Caviar #2In stock$30.00
Sockeye Caviar #3In stock$20.00
Pollock Roe In stock$5.00
Whitefish Caviar 1kgIn stock$75.00
Yellow Perch Roe (Unsalted, Frozen)In stock$10.00
Atlantic Salmon Portions ($/lb)In stock$9.50
Pink Salmon Portions(Pacific) ($/lb)In stock$4.50
Salmon Fillet Portions 3oz ($/lb)In stock$4.50
Tuna Steaks Top Quality (6oz)In stock$5.50
Turbot Pink Fillet Canada ($/lb)In stock$8.00
Atlantic Salmon Fillet Fresh ($/lb)In stock$9.50
Tench Whole Cleaned ($/lb)In stock$4.00
Trout Fillet Boneless($/lb) In stock$7.00
Alaska Pollock Fillet ($/lb)In stock$3.50
Basa Fillet (Pangasius) (5 lb)In stock$18.00
Carp Whole ($/lb)In stock$4.00
Cod Loin ($/lb) In stock$7.00
Esox Whole ($/lb)In stock$4.00
Frozen Whole Herring $/lbIn stock$2.50
Hake Whole (2lb)In stock$6.50
Mackerel Whole ($/lb)In stock$2.50
Ocean Perch Fillet ($/lb)In stock$6.00
Orange Roughy Fillet ($/lb)In stock$18.00
Pompano Whole ($/lb)In stock$4.00
Smelt Fish Headless(1 lb)In stock$4.00
Sturgeon (headless) ($/lb)In stock$6.00
Sturgeon Steaks ($/lb) In stock$8.00
Swordfish ($/lb)In stock$8.00
Tilapia Fillet ($/lb)In stock$4.50
Trout Whole ($/lb) In stock$4.00
Turbot Whole ($/lb)In stock$5.50
Dore Fillet ($/lb)In stock$9.00
Smoked Products
Freshly Smoked Salmon Whole Fillet ($/kg)In stock$35.00
Canadian Smoked Salmon Sliced (400 g)In stock$17.00
Norwegian Smoked Salmon "Fjord" (1 kg)In stock$36.00
Smoked Salmon Chum Whole Fillet Organic($/kg)In stock$26.00
German Smoked Salmon (1kg) In stock$30.00
German Smoked Salmon (70g)In stock$3.00
Norwegian Smoked Salmon "Fjord" (500g)In stock$20.00
Freshly Smoked Arctic Cisco (Whole, Headless) $/lbIn stock$9.95
Norwegian Smoked Salmon "Buffet" (1 kg)In stock$34.00
Norwegian Smoked Salmon "Buffet" (400g)In stock$18.00
Smoked Salmon Whole ($/lb)In stock$13.00
Hot Smoked Sturgeon ($12/ lb)In stock$12.00
Norwegian Trimming (500 g)In stock$10.00
Smoked Eel Fillet ($/lb)In stock$15.00
Smoked Mackerel (1 pc)In stock$6.00
Salted Herring Fillet (250 g)In stock$3.00
Salted Herring Fillet (500 g)In stock$5.00
Dryed Vimba ($/lb) In stock$12.00
Smoked Halibut ($/lb)In stock$9.95
Smoked Vimba ($/lb)In stock$12.00
Canadian Trimming (454 g)In stock$10.00
Dryed Caspian Roach ($/lb)In stock$12.00
Cold Water Prawns ($/lb)In stock$9.00
Crab Meat Imit (2lb)In stock$6.00
Real Crab Meat (500g)In stock$14.00
Scallops 80+ ($/lb)In stock$8.50
Scallops Large Canadian 10/20 ($/lb) In stock$18.00
Sea Food Mix (360 g)In stock$4.00
Shrimps Black Tiger 21/25 PDV (2lb) In stock$22.00
Shrimps Black Tiger 26/30 PDV (2lb) In stock$18.00
Shrimps Head On (2.5 kg)In stock$30.00
Shrimps Head On (5 kg) In stock$60.00
Shrimps Pink Wild Shell On 16/20 (2lb)In stock$24.00
Squids Tubes ($/lb)In stock$4.50
Shrimps Black Tiger 16/20 PDV (2lb) In stock$24.00
Beef Tongue ($/kg)In stock$13.00
Cornish Hens ($/2pc)In stock$11.00
Horse Mince ($/lb)In stock$5.00
Lamb Leg Boneless ($/kg) (1)In stock$16.00
Lamb Shoulder Boneless ($/kg)In stock$16.00
Pork Shoulder ($/Kg)In stock$6.50
Veal Tongue ($/kg)In stock$13.00
Buckwheat 2.5kgIn stock$10.00
Cast Iron Cauldron 9LIn stock$80.00
Chiken DumplingsIn stock$8.00
Delon Hand Cleanser Gel 70% Alcohol (Product of Canada)In stock$3.00
Porc Dumplings In stock$8.00
Seaweed Salad (1kg)In stock$8.00
Siberian DumplingsIn stock$8.00
Sunflower Seed Oil (Not Rafinated)In stock$4.00
Ural's DumplingsIn stock$8.00
Vinegar 9%In stock$2.50
Горчичный ПорошокIn stock$1.50
Кислота Уксусная 70% "Стоевъ"In stock$1.50
Сода ПищеваяIn stock$1.50
Stainless Steel Charcoal GrillIn stock$150.00
10 SkewersIn stock$15.00
Stainless Steel SteamerIn stock$110.00
Tea & Deserts
Black Cylon Tea With Currant & MinthIn stock$2.50
Easter TeaIn stock$3.50
Feijoa Jam In stock$5.00
Greenfield Assorted Tea Gift Set In stock$19.00
MarmeladeOut of stock$2.00
Richards Royal Tea 25 BagsIn stock$2.50
Tea "Matryoshka"In stock$3.50
"Tkemali" Georgian SauceIn stock$3.00
Adjika Hot - 300g.In stock$2.00
Adjika Vegitable "Melen" -540g.In stock$3.00
AppetiteIn stock$3.00
Apricot CompoteIn stock$2.50
Assorted MarinadeIn stock$3.00
Canned Beef in Its Own Juice With SpicesIn stock$10.00
Canned Porc Meat in Its Own Juice With Spices In stock$8.00
Canned Porc Meat in Its Own Juice With SpicesIn stock$8.00
Cherry CompoteIn stock$2.50
Cod Liver (Iceland)In stock$3.00
Compote QuinceIn stock$2.50
Eggplant SaladIn stock$3.00
Eggplant SpreadIn stock$3.50
Eggplant Spread In stock$3.50
Imam BayaldiIn stock$3.50
Lean SaladIn stock$2.00
Mackerel in Tomato SauceIn stock$3.00
Marinated CucumberIn stock$3.50
Marinated OkraIn stock$3.00
Marinated Wild MushroomsIn stock$8.00
Marinated Wild Mushrooms In stock$8.00
Peach compoteIn stock$2.50
Sprats In Oil (3x160g)In stock$6.00
Sprats In Tomato Sauce (240g)In stock$4.00
Tomato PasteIn stock$3.00
Wild Pear CompoteIn stock$2.50
Лукашинские АджикаIn stock$3.00
Mackerel in OilIn stock$3.00
Pollock Roe In stock$5.00
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